Critical Mass: Cancer’s Tipping Point

The most important thing to keep in mind when you have cancer is that you must make your decision on treatment options as soon as possible, before your tumor reaches a point of critical mass. “Critical mass” is a cancerous tumor’s tipping point: the point at which the tumor’s size and density reach a point where it is no longer treatable by medications, surgery, or reishi and fucoidan.

At critical mass, the cancer is terminal and the tumor (usually many tumors, at this point) can no longer be reduced in size or removed from the body. Even in cases where surgery is possible and the tumor can be removed, the cancer has progressed to a point where it is no longer treatable. While there are many hugely important things to think about when dealing with a disease as severe as cancer, there is one important thing to keep in mind when you are searching for treatment options: the sooner you select a product to treat your condition, the higher chance you have of keeping the cancer from reaching its critical mass stage. Though there are many methods of treatment, ultimately reducing the size, weight, and damage caused by the tumor and the cancer itself is the main goal.

Reishi & Fucoidan Reduce the Size of Tumors

While there is nothing that any form of treatment can do to mitigate the damage of a cancerous tumor that has reached critical mass, compounds in the reishi mushroom and in fucoidan extract have been shown to be helpful in reducing the size and weight of cancerous tumor tissue that is still of a treatable size. Multiple studies have shown that reishi and fucoidan have a remarkable ability to inhibit and induce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells through different means of attack. This amazing all natural compound, found only from a limited amount of sea flora and fauna, can help people suffering from tumors and reduce the overall tumor tissue size and weight, before the impetus of critical mass.

There are a number of other clinical trials that reishi and fucoidan have gone through, proving it an effective aid in preventing tumors from reaching their critical mass stage. If you are willing to give Reishi Force™ a try – especially as a preventative agent – you may see its remarkable ability to protect and improve your health.

Fucoidan and Reishi Prevent Critical Mass in Tumors

Reishi and fucoidan supplements, if taken preemptively, have anti-tumor capabilities that can even prevent the formation of tumors in the first place. In lab studies, fucoidan was administered to mice with breast cancer that had metastasized in the lungs. A control group, given no fucoidan, had an average of 34 tumors per mouse. Mice that had 5mg of fucoidan only had an average 14 tumors per mouse, while mice that received 10mg of fucoidan had only 4 tumors on average. By inducing cancer cell apoptosis and protecting the cell walls of healthy cells, the fucoidan was able to help the immune system target and destroy the cancer cells within the mice.

Reishi and Fucoidan Inhibit Cancer Cell Migration

In lab tests, lung cancer has also displayed vulnerability to fucoidan’s effects. In a dose-dependent manner, lung cancer cells were shown to have as much as 57% reduced ability to migrate elsewhere in the body, meaning that the cancer cells were less able to move about and create metastases elsewhere in the body. The same study also noticed fucoidan’s amazing ability to inhibit the invasion of lung cancer in healthy cells. In lab tests, fucoidan was shown to reduce the cancer’s ability to invade healthy cells by 35% at .05 milliliters of fucoidan; 68% at .1 ml; and 86% at .2 ml. In a dose-dependent manner, fucoidan can reduce lung cancer’s ability to use biological pathways as a means of invading new cells.

In yet another study, fucoidan was shown to have the ability to weaken the mitochondrial membranes of colon cancer cells. Mitochondria are basically the digestive system of individual cells; they break down nutrients that the cell can use for energy. Since mitochondria create 90% of the energy required for a cell to function, fucoidan’s ability to weaken and disable cancerous mitochondria induces cancer cell apoptosis (cell death).

There are many healthcare options for treatment which can be used to prevent tumors from reaching this critical mass state; some can even be used in conjunction with each other to increase your chances of beating cancer. Because Reishi Force ™ is all natural, it can be taken to not only help fight against cancerous tumor growths; it can also help reduce the harmful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. When combating cancer, you need to take note of all of the options that are on the table. Taking a Reishi Force™ can help give you that extra edge to help treat your cancer. This risk-free supplement can help boost your immune system to fight off everything from the common cold to serious diseases and disorders.


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