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What is the reishi mushroom, and where is it from?

The reishi mushroom (sometimes referred to as red reishi, lingzhi, and mannentake) is the scientifically classified mushroom ganoderma lucidum. These mushrooms have been used for nearly 2,000 years as a medicinal herb in China and East Asia.

The mushroom can grow quite large, and ranges from a light yellow to a dark purplish-red or reddish-brown. Their appearance is affected by air quality, light, and other conditions.

Reishi mushrooms naturally grow on the base of deciduous trees, and are very rare to find in the wild. These mushrooms can be cultivated under carefully controlled but natural conditions (such as adjusting humidity, temperature, etc.) to create potent health supplements. Cultivated mushrooms are stronger and more effective than wild reishi, as the wild forms of the mushroom are exposed to damage from insects and parasitic growths. Wild mushrooms are also at the mercy of airborne toxins and increased CO2 levels, which can severely affect their development.

Because of their rarity, harvesting wild reishi would be unsustainable for use in any product, but would also be very detrimental to the environment and ecosystem. For all of these reasons, cultivated reishi mushrooms are the safest, most potent, and most conscientious option.

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What are reishi mushroom benefits?

The reishi has a number of health benefits, many of which are tied to its significant immune boosting power. Reishi provides a natural immune boost that has been shown in studies to help the body fight off certain forms of cancer.

The mushroom is also very effective against conditions related to inflammation. The damage caused by inflammatory breast cancer and diseases that are associated with intestinal inflammation (such as colitis and Crohn’s disease) can be reduced with the help of the reishi mushroom.

Reishi has a number of health benefits not listed here. Find out more by reading our page on the reishi mushroom’s benefits.

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Has research been done on ganoderma lucidum’s health benefits?

Research studies for the reishi mushroom have been an increasingly popular subject in the field of cancer research, as well as the field of gastroenterology. The reishi has additional health benefits that are currently being studied, such as its incredible antioxidizing effect on the human body.

Such studies are available for the public to read at the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s PubMed biomedical science catalog. Feel free to read the abstracts and summaries on Reishi Force, or to read over the extensive details of each study on the official U.S. Library of Medicine.

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Who should take a reishi extract?

Reishi extract is a natural health supplement that can provide anyone with a helpful immune boost. For those who are not currently sick, the reishi can help ward minor annoyances such as the common cold as well as allergy symptoms and asthma. Additionally, the reishi can also help prevent major conditions and health problems caused by free radicals such as cancer, liver damage, and a number of age-related mental illnesses (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.) because of its extreme antioxidizing effects. Because of Reishi Force™’s ability to lower blood pressure, eliminate cholesterol build up, and reduce the damaging irritation of inflammation, it can also preventively help drastically reduce the threat of many potential illnesses.

For those already suffering from a condition, reishi extracts can help mitigate painful symptoms while fighting off a number of diseases. For a quick list of which conditions Reishi Force™ can help counteract, click here. For a more expansive guide on Reishi Force™’s health benefits, visit our Research page.

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Why should I take a reishi extract instead of just eating the mushroom itself?

While the reishi mushroom does offer a massive amount of health benefits, there is a reason why people aren’t just eating this mushroom by the handful. The reishi mushroom is notorious for having an extremely bitter taste that is nearly inedible.

Even in ancient times before modern extraction processes were introduced, people would steep the mushroom in boiling water to extract its essence instead of eating the mushroom itself. Many people still find reishi tea too bitter to drink, and are unfortunately not even receiving the full benefits of the reishi. Simply steeping dried pieces of mushroom is a very simplistic extraction method that does not transfer the full potency of the reishi mushroom’s various natural compounds.

To avoid the terribly bitter taste of the reishi and experience all of the amazing reishi mushroom’s benefits, take a pill-form reishi supplement like Reishi Force™.

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What makes Reishi Force™ better than other reishi extracts?

Reishi Force™ is far more effective and potent than other reishi mushroom extracts. This is because only Reishi Force™ uses both the fruiting body and the triterpene-rich spores of the ganoderma lucidum. Because triterpenes and polysaccharides are the two main contributors to the reishi’s health benefits, other extracts which do not include mushroom spores are not providing a number of the reishi’s health benefits.

Reishi Force™ is also the only natural reishi supplement that uses a super-effective second ingredient – Atlantic wakame-derived fucoidan. This fucoidan helps boost the effects of the reishi mushroom, while providing additional support and health benefits. Click here to find out how reishi and fucoidan work together to form the ultimate natural health supplement.

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Why does Reishi Force™ have fucoidan as a secondary ingredient?

Fucoidan (a natural compound found within brown seaweed) has a number of health benefits that complement and help amplify the effects of the reishi mushroom. It’s additional health benefits are also a massive help to cancer sufferers, as fucoidan not only helps combat forms of cancer, but also has been shown to help reduce the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients. Fucoidan has additional benefits for those suffering from liver diseases and cardiovascular problems (including metabolic syndrome).

Reishi Force™ only uses proven natural ingredients. To read the extensive research studies on fucoidan that have been documented by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, click here. If you would like to read summaries that have less scientific jargon in them, visit our researched fucoidan benefits page.

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Does Reishi Force™ use red reishi?

Reishi Force™ uses only the highest quality 100% organic red reishi ganoderma lucidum.

The ganoderma lucidum actually comes in a small range of colors, though red is the most common coloration. Ancient myths spokes of different colors of reishi – in modern times, these other “reishi mushrooms” have been identified as different mushroom species altogether.

For more information on reishi mushrooms, coloration, and ‘imposter’ mushrooms, click here.

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Will taking Reishi Force™ cure my illness?

Reishi Force™ is a super immune booster that defends the body from existing and potential illnesses. It can help reduce the pain and damage caused by symptoms of different conditions, and can even help inhibit or prevent a variety of diseases.

With that said, if taking a supplement was the for-sure cure for cancer or other very serious conditions, then they would not be very serious conditions, would they? Reishi Force™ can be taken preventively to help prevent many dangerous diseases from occurring in the first place, and can help restore the immune system and health of a person who is fighting cancer, but it is unfortunately not a catch-all cure for all illnesses.

Ultimately, cancer and many other conditions are battles that need to be fought on many different fronts, with every weapon in your arsenal. Reishi Force™ can be a valuable aid for those suffering from serious conditions, but keeping a positive outlook and discussing with your doctor which treatments you should be taking is equally as important.

If you would like to know more about which conditions Reishi Force™ can help you overcome, read more about this product’s health benefits.

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Does ganoderma lucidum have any side effects?

The ganoderma lucidum does not have any known or reported side effects that occur with continued use. Some people have slightly more sensitive systems, and experience a state of detoxification for the first 2-3 days of supplement use. A minority of people taking a reishi extract may experience these symptoms for as long as one week. After the detoxification period, the mushroom will not cause any additional side effects. These potential detoxification symptoms are typical of any reishi extract, not just Reishi Force™.

Reishi Force™ uses a secondary ingredient: fucoidan extract. Fucoidan has no known side effects, but is not recommended for use in individuals who have hyperthyroidism or who already have very low blood pressure. If you have mushroom, seaweed, or iodine allergies, you consult your physician before taking Reishi Force™.

If you would like to know more about ingredients, the detoxification process, or conditions that are not well suited for the benefits of Reishi Force™, visit our Side Effects page.

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Would taking Reishi Force™ interfere with other medications or treatments I am taking?

There are only two types of medication that should not be taken with Reishi Force™, or should not be taken without consulting a doctor first. Warfarin and anticoagulant medications should not be taken with Reishi Force™. People taking an iodine supplement for hypothyroidism should consult a doctor to see if Reishi Force™ can fit with their daily regimen of iodine.

For more information about these potential medication complications, click here.

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How do I take Reishi Force™?

Reishi Force™ can be taken once or twice daily, with or without food. Because Reishi Force™ does have iodine content from fucoidan seaweed extract, more than two capsules should not be taken on a daily basis without consulting with a medical professional.

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When will I start to see results from the Reishi Force™?

How soon the effects of Reishi Force™ will occur varies from person to person. Some people report immediate results of energy and relief from symptoms, though these results are not entirely typical. The majority of people report that the effects of Reishi Force™ can be felt 10-14 days after daily ingestion.

The product is made to be part of a daily regimen to protect the body from potential health conditions or to help repress an existing condition’s symptoms. People who take the product for two months or longer receive the most benefits from Reishi Force™, as it generally takes this long for the immune system to get fully ramped-up.

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Is Reishi Force™ safe for long-term use?

Because Reishi Force™ has 100% natural ingredients, it does not produce side effects in individuals when taken at the correct dosage amounts. Some people experience initial symptoms such as upset stomach, nausea and dizziness, which is a result of the mushroom purging the body of toxins. These detoxification symptoms generally last about 2-3 days (though never longer than a week); after this period of time, there will be no negative effects, whatsoever.

Be sure to read over the ingredients and additional health concerns on our side effects page before taking Reishi Force™. If you have any further concerns about the product, contact a medical professional prior to use.

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How long does a bottle of Reishi Force™ last?

Each bottle of Reishi Force™ comes with 100 completely vegetarian capsules. If taken once per day, a single bottle of Reishi Force™ can last a full three months. If you decide to take two pills per day, Reishi Force™ will last you about a month and a half.

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How does the Reishi Force™ Home Delivery Plan work?

The Reishi Force™ Home Delivery Plan is a great option for people who want to take Reishi Force™ as part of their daily regimen to remain healthy and protected from illnesses, or to combat a chronic or long-term condition for an indefinite period of time.

A single bottle of Reishi Force™ is available at $67 per bottle. With the Home Delivery Plan, each bottle will only cost $47. When you decide to join the Home Delivery Plan, a bottle of Reishi Force™ will be sent to your address on a monthly basis and the charge will be placed on the credit card information that was used to purchase the first bottle.

The Home Delivery Plan can be cancelled at any time! All it takes is a call to our customer service representatives to confirm your desire to be off the Home Delivery Plan, and you will not be charged or shipped any more bottles of Reishi Force™.

Visit our Contact page if you would like to cancel your Home Delivery Plan.

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