Are There Red Reishi Side Effects?

With all the good there is to say about the reishi mushroom, it’s understandable that people worry about potential side effects. With Reishi Force™ you’ll see there is no catch. Read below to learn how Reishi Force™ can give you the results you want – without any harmful side effects.

Does Reishi Force™ have any side effects?


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Reishi Force™ is a 100% completely all-natural supplement, and therefore does not create any adverse side effects. It is safe enough to be taken on a daily basis, and for a long period of time – or even indefinitely! People who take this supplement as part of a daily regimen become less susceptible to viral infections and diseases caused by free radicals (such as emphysema, liver damage, stroke, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and cellular degradation caused by aging).

It needs to be noted however that reishi mushrooms and fucoidan extracts have many powerful natural compounds, some of which can cause problems for individuals with preexisting conditions. Read below to find out more.

Red Reishi Side Effects


Some people experience a period of detoxification when taking reishi mushrooms. Symptoms generally last 2-3 days.

Through no fault of their own, many people unintentionally expose themselves to many toxins that are found in processed foods and other unavoidable modern health dangers. The reishi will detoxify the body as it works to flush out any toxins and free radicals that we encounter during our daily lives. If the body isn’t used to undergoing a normal detoxification process, or needs to flush a lot of toxins, then the initial Reishi Force™ dosage may induce some detoxification symptoms. The detoxification symptoms are not typical for everyone, but being aware of these effects can help those who do suffer them overcome their detoxification more easily.

The symptoms of detoxification can include upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, and mild skin rashes. However, these are signs that the mushroom extract is working properly. Continuing to take the extract while detoxification symptoms are occurring is recommended, and the symptoms should go away after a 2-3 days, and should never last longer than a week. Resting frequently and taking a Vitamin C supplement during this detoxification process may also help to alleviate some of the symptoms.Once the detoxification process is over and the body has become acclimated to the reishi mushroom, there will no longer be any negative effects.

People who have allergies to other mushrooms should consult their doctor prior to use.

Fucoidan Side Effects


Wakame seaweed extract is the secondary ingredient in Reishi Force.

Reishi Force™ uses fucoidan extracted from the wakame seaweed as a secondary ingredient. Fucoidan has no side effects or detoxifying qualities, but it should be noted that people with certain health conditions should be careful about their fucoidan dosage. Because fucoidan is an anticoagulant capable of thinning the blood and reducing blood clotting, it is not recommended that people with already-low blood pressure take a fucoidan product. This could result in reduce clotting ability, which will make open wounds heal more slowly.

All forms of seaweed have high iodine content. The fucoidan extract used in Reishi Force™ is perfectly safe for anyone with a normally functioning thyroid (and is very beneficial for those who have underactive thyroids!). If you have hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), however, you should not take Reishi Force™. If you have an iodine allergy or if you are allergic to seaweed, you should not take Reishi Force™. Consult your doctor if you are concerned about potential allergic reactions, or if you have an allergic reaction from taking the product.

Can I take Reishi Force™ with my other medications?

For the overwhelmingly vast majority of medications, Reishi Force™ will create no harmful side effects.

However, if you are taking a blood thinner such as Warfarin, Uniwarfin, Jantoven, Coumadin, Marevan, or other anticoagulant medication, you should consult your doctor before using Reishi Force™.

Additionally, if you are already taking medication or a large iodine supplement for hypothyroidism, Reishi Force™ may not be right for you. While Reishi Force™ has a safe amount of iodine for daily ingestion for people with healthy or currently untreated underactive thryoids, iodone-induced hyperthyroidism can result if too much iodine is consumed on a consistent daily basis.

Consult your doctor before using Reishi Force™ if you are already taking an iodine supplement, or if you are taking thyroid medication that you believe could cause complications with Reishi Force™.

When will I start to see results from Reishi Force™?

If you are an individual who goes through a detoxification period, then you are already seeing results! In truth, anyone who takes any reishi mushroom extract will go through a detoxification period – though some people with sensitive systems will feel the detoxification symptoms, while others wil not.

Some people have reported health benefits right away, but the majority of individuals report that they feel Reishi Force™’s effects between 10 and 14 days. To achieve the highest possible benefits, taking the product as a daily regimen for two months or longer is recommended. Ideally, the product can be taken indefinitely to ward off potential diseases and health conditions.

The extract of the Reishi mushroom is a truly amazing natural health aide. Though its incredibly health benefits were discovered more than 2000 years ago, the mushroom is still used as a safe, effective, and impressive means of keeping the mind and body healthy. Try Reishi Force™, and see for yourself why the ancient Chinese were so confident of its effectiveness, they named it the “Mushroom of Immortality!”