UN Announces Optimistic Goal to End AIDS Epidemic

The leader of the UN revealed their hope to finally put an end to the AIDS epidemic by 2030, calling their mission “ambitious but realistic.” This report reveals that the organization plans to achieve success on this mission by providing every world citizen with proper prevention, treatment, and care.

The organization has also drastically reduced the cost of antiretroviral treatment, lowering the price from over $10,000 to less than $100 for a full year of treatment. Credit for this success has been given to the UNAIDS sub-committee, which is solely responsible for spearheading this operation.

Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, said in the report “During the first decade of the epidemic, there was very little to offer someone dying from AIDS. The best you could hope for was that your family wouldn’t throw you out.” The director also stated that their main hope for success is “breaking the tight grip on government policies and drug prices.”

To date, the most remarkable success achieved by the agency has been lowering the infection rate among children, by providing pregnant women with the treatment needed to prevent passing the infection on to the unborn babies.